#StopTheDrop Evaluation

The modern car buyer has spent hours researching vehicles and is more prepared to engage in a conversation about the cars on your lot. Perhaps even more prepared than you and your sales team. By the time they come to your dealership, the majority of their car-buying process is complete. Browsing, research, contemplation — it all already happened. Online.

In the face of this new consumer, dropping the price of a vehicle in order to make a sale has become the norm. It’s time for dealers to meet customers in the middle. It’s time to protect your profit margin.

Take our 5-minute quiz to find out how you can get your profits back and keep your customers, too.

  1. Is your dealership tracking gross retention per vehicle?

  2. You have a customer ready to buy and a salesperson negotiating with them. How many times does the salesperson have to consult a sales manager before they can close the deal?

  3. What kinds of data do you use to show your customers that your vehicles are priced fairly? [Select all that apply]

  4. Which websites do you use to be transparent with customers about pricing data?

  5. Which tools do you use to educate your sales team about current inventory and vehicle pricing? [Select all that apply]

  6. How knowledgeable is your staff about the off-brand cars your dealership carries?

  7. Do you notice your customers using their mobile devices to look at competing dealers websites while on your lot?

  8. How do you keep track of how individual members of your sales team are performing?

  9. Do you feel that customers come to your dealership prepared to “haggle” with your sales team?

  10. How much training does your sales team have about consumer and digital behavior trends?

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